“Why Healthcare Isn’t Working and How to Fix It at Its Core.” Enlace Health Masterclass hosted by Bill Nordmark, CEO, and Fierce Health.

Atlanta, Georgia, February 10, 2022 – The current healthcare system is complex, chaotic, and unsustainable. Costs continue to increase, while quality care remains difficult for patients to secure on a consistent basis. Solving healthcare with more point solutions only adds to the problems. This masterclass looks at today’s unsustainable model and addresses key issues, including the obstacles to quality-driven cost containment and the advantages value-based care models have over fee-for-service.


Live & Recorded on: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 | 2pm ET / 11am PT |

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By connecting payers, providers, and technology partners in a single, integrated ecosystem, healthcare can transform payment and delivery models in the ways needed to promote efficiency and quality as key drivers of cost and revenue.

The Covid-19 pandemic, combined with today’s labor shortage, has put enormous stress on the healthcare system. As healthcare continues looking for real solutions, the advantages of value-based care continue to gain momentum. With over 25 years of healthcare expertise, Bill Nordmark understands the obstacles that stakeholders face.

Bill is leading Enlace Health to unabashedly challenge the status quo approach to healthcare’s unsustainable model with an integrated infrastructure that improves efficiency and leads to a better quality of care. He will discuss facts of value-based care and identify the steps to piloting, expanding, and scaling VBC programs.

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Enlace Health™ solves healthcare from the inside-out, fixing healthcare at its core and making value-based care a reality. The Connected World of Enlace empowers payers, providers, and patients to participate together in an economically sound environment. The Enlace solution is the only end-to-end infrastructure that bridges the gap between the current, chaotic system and an orderly healthcare world. Enlace always meets clients where they are, creating solutions based on need and maturity in value-based care. Enlace is Sustainable Healthcare, Delivered.

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