Taking Care of Patients Should Be Healthcare’s Top Priority

Everyone agrees – healthcare is a complex, chaotic sector in need of an overhaul.

However, today’s patient-care market seems to focus more on adding another technology, bolting on a point solution, or making tweaks to its current fee-for-services system, than on improving patient care.

Providers are spending an inordinate amount of time on issues related to insurance, eligibility, and cost which takes them away from what they want to do, which is care for the patient.

The current business model is focused on volume and revenue. It’s the way it’s always been done and continues to be done because providers don’t have the tools, processes, and know-how to do what they really want to do: Be a provider of value-based care.

Transformation to Value-Based Care

Mayo Clinic’s Gianrico Farrugia, M.D. is an outspoken advocate for healthcare transformation across the board. As the president and CEO of the #1 ranked hospital in the U.S., he stresses the need for a patient-first approach to healthcare.

He advocates applying balance to the management of the complex emotional and data-driven components of healthcare decision-making. He champions the cause for doing what needs to happen to achieve more cures, scalability, equity, cost control, data privacy, and AI in delivering patient care.

Dr. Farrugia recently spoke at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. In his address, he called for a move from a pipeline-based business model (which is supply-chain focused) to a platform-based business model (which is far more encompassing).

He maintains that the traditional healthcare model is broken, and that a platform approach, which prioritizes the needs of patients, is needed to create a new healthcare paradigm.

Dr. Farrugia is spot on. He’s speaking the same language as other visionaries in our industry—including Bill Nordmark of Enlace, a leading provider of value-based care solutions, and Tom Aubuel of the University of Pennsylvania’s Health Plan and another advocate for value-based care.

These leaders understand that to meet cost, quality, and access goals, we have to change an unsustainable model to one that puts patients at the forefront. Creating a connected world and delivering a platform model where all participants drive value is key.

What’s the Solution? Value-based Care

Leaders like Dr. Farrugia urge the healthcare community to work with complementary partners to fundamentally fix the systems to make patient outcomes the first priority. What we need to achieve that is:

  • An end-to-end platform that replaces disorder with order.
  • A single-encompassing, quality-driven solution that aligns people (patients, providers, payers, employers), automates processes, and provides insights needed to continually improve.
  • A value-based care approach that aggregates and harmonizes data (clinical, payment, administrative) to put patient care first.

If bridging the gap between the current chaotic system and an orderly healthcare world is what your healthcare system needs, we encourage you to come join the connected world of Enlace Health. Connecting payers, providers, and technology partners into a single, integrated ecosystem enables the visionaries behind the value-based care cause to make sure patients’ needs come first.


How we can transform healthcare by moving from pipeline to platform

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