Enlace Health Design


During the EnlaceTM Design process, needed data is gathered to enable full transparency and to identify areas of opportunity for current and future programs.

Whether looking at an episode, provider or facility, payers and other risk-bearing entities, gain the power to view pricing and quality improvement opportunities that have been hidden in the data.


Enlace Health Analyze

Using data and insights gained from the Design process, the EnlaceTM Analyze process helps teams understand specific metrics and project potential savings available for any value-based care program or episode.

Quality scores and cost-saving insights are then leveraged by payers and providers to make the best decisions around the terms of the contracts.

Enlace Health Administer


With the EnlaceTM Administer process, our team eases the burden of value-based care program management. Leveraging our institutional knowledge and powerful technology platform, partners navigate the complexities of all value-based care programs.

Organizations partner with Enlace to facilitate end-to-end program efficiency and effectiveness and constantly look for insights that are often overlooked.


Enlace Health Implement

With the EnlaceTM Implement process, your programs now go live with confidence.

Regardless of program stage – concept, pilot, or expansion – the Enlace Implement process works with partners to ensure programs are deployed and managed based on the goals set. With continual measurement and assessment of program performance, we work with you to make final adjustments needed to drive the episodic care goals.

Come join our world. The connected world of Enlace Health that enables sustainable healthcare to truly be delivered.