Making the Cost to Zero Moonshot a Reality with Startup Health

As a proud StartUp Health portfolio company, Enlace Health™ works closely with our clients to develop the only end-to-end, flexible solution that enables all healthcare participants to truly operate within a Triple-Aim-focused world. The Enlace™ team is extremely passionate to achieve our Health Moonshot:

Enlace Health will evolve healthcare from its chaotic environment to an orderly infrastructure that enables true, quality-driven healthcare to be paid for, and consumed, economically and efficiently for all participants. Enlace is, “Sustainable Healthcare. Delivered.”

Our “Cost to Zero Moonshot” aims to lower costs and improve quality for all patients through the Enlace infrastructure, bridging the gaps caused by the technical complexities and silos that exist within today’s chaotic healthcare environment. Connecting payers, providers, and patients, Enlace empowers any type of healthcare delivery model, from facilitating retrospective programs to enabling risk for prospective programs.

StartUp Health has been a constant advocate for Enlace and is an incredible resource for both entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals. As a Health Transformer, StartUp Health features the great work being done at Enlace Health, as well as keeps our team up to speed with healthcare news and other trailblazers in the industry. The Global Army of Health Transformers have the ability to collaborate and leverage the power of the StartUp Health community. Investing in companies at every stage, StartUp Health is truly making a difference and transforming the industry through innovative healthcare entrepreneurs.

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