Getting Started with Value-Based Care: 3-Part Series Summary

Value-based care is the future of healthcare. CMS is mandating it; employers are demanding it; patients are expecting it, and it is growing in popularity not just in the United States, but around the world. There are many complex considerations in value-based care, but it is vital to get initiatives onto strategic roadmaps as the whole industry shifts away from fee-for-service.

As payers look at designing value-based care payment models, it is important that they understand the current state of their market, their patient population, and how programs can fit with existing models.

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One of the most important topics in healthcare today is the shift to value-based care. This shift in cost and quality considerations can leave providers wondering where they need to begin.

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As employers continue to look for ways to provide their employees with attractive healthcare benefits while also managing costs, many are turning to value-based care models. We recommend starting by looking at the current state and where the best entry points would be not just for the employer, but also for their employees.

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