Enlace Health’s Sponsorship Underscores Commitment to ACO Success

Orlando, FL—On October 25, 2023, Enlace Health, a pioneer in specialty value-based care solutions, sponsored the Florida Association of ACOs conference, underscoring the organization’s dedication to revolutionizing healthcare through the integration of specialist care into the value-based ecosystem. The conference served as a platform for ACOs to discuss strategic changes needed due to critical shifts in reimbursement models.

Key insights from the conference highlighted the transformative changes in risk adjustment
over the next few years.  This shift emphasizes the need for Specialists to integrate more fully into the ACO care models to remain successful. ACOs will need to expand their care models and bring Specialists into their value-based ecosystem.

“By focusing on the total cost of care and engaging Specialists strategically, ACOs can not only enhance patient outcomes, but also drive financial success. Enlace Health is proud to be at the forefront of this healthcare revolution.”

Enlace Health remains dedicated to fostering innovative solutions that enhance patient care, drive financial efficiency, and support the sustainable growth of ACOs.

Enlace Health: Sustainable Healthcare, Delivered.
Enlace Health solves healthcare from the inside-out, fixing healthcare at its core and making value-based care a reality. The Connected World of Enlace empowers payers, providers, and patients to participate together in an economically sound environment. The Enlace solution is the only end-to-end infrastructure that bridges the gap between the current, chaotic system and an orderly healthcare world. Enlace always meets clients where they are, creating solutions based on need and maturity in value-based care. Enlace is Sustainable Healthcare, Delivered.

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