Enlace Health™ Partners with Wildflower Health™ to Deliver a Turnkey, Value-Based Care Maternity Bundle

Atlanta, Georgia, November 17, 2021 – Enlace Health™ (formerly Aver) and Wildflower Health announce their strategic partnership that enables an innovative new solution for the OB and newborn episode and addresses the growing interest and demand for a value-based approach to maternity care.

The Wildflower Health model focuses on enabling clinical, experiential, and cost advantages for maternity patients and their providers. To make these patient benefits a reality, Wildflower needed a solution partner that could fulfill analytic, administrative, and financial capabilities. The partnership with Enlace provides Wildflower with all assets needed to deliver their value-based care bundle.

The two companies are collaborating to deliver a comprehensive, turnkey, maternity bundle that fully operationalizes value-based care for OB providers, including helping them evaluate and design VBC models alongside payers; installing both digital health and point-of-care decision support tools; adapting current workflows to VBC requirements and continuously processing data, both for leveraging key clinical metrics in real-time, as well as managing financial payments, reconciliations, and outcomes measurement.

With the Enlace™ solution, Wildflower now has the power to continuously process data in real-time, enabling it to gain complete visibility into the entire episode of care, both clinically and financially. Key clinical quality metrics and financial payments are connected and delivered to Wildflower through Enlace’s differentiated risk-enablement solution.

Wildflower’s proprietary bundle is comprehensive, spanning from prenatal to postnatal care and accounts for the total cost of pregnancy for both mom and baby. The Wildflower digital health and point-of-care decision support tools are key assets for patients and providers while helping ensure providers are rewarded based on the best clinical care and cost containment methodologies.

“We have reached a crossroads in maternity healthcare. Costs continue to rise while outcomes for women and their babies are less than optimal” said Leah Sparks, founder and CEO of Wildflower Health.
“We will only transform patient care and outcomes if we move away from today’s current, inefficient fee-for-service model to a value-based model that rewards providers based on quality outcomes. Through our partnership, Wildflower and Enlace are filling key gaps and enabling providers and payers to come together and enter into successful, sustainable value-based care models for women’s health.”

With the Wildflower solution, providers and payers gain the power to view pricing and quality improvement opportunities, understand specific metrics, and project potential savings available for maternity and newborn episodes. The solution also fully enables financial management of the bundle, including distribution of payments to all participating providers, based on performance. From initial discussions to implementation, providers and payers have a blueprint to follow.

The bundle will help collapse silos between payers, providers, purchasers, and patients. It consolidates many disparate data sources, continuously assesses risk, stratifies patients, and escalates at-risk patients to a Wildflower Health advocate or a member of the provider’s care team.

“The capabilities Wildflower is bringing to the industry are inspiring. The capabilities are addressing real challenges in maternity care by bringing providers, payers, and patients together in an environment that drives better patient care and outcomes at lower total cost to all participants in the maternity episode. We worked with Leah and her team to ensure we had a complete understanding of the Wildflower value proposition. Working through the specific technical needs, the Enlace team knew our platform would be the only integrated technology stack able to support the deployment of Wildflower’s value-based care model. Enlace and Wildflower share the same mission and work tirelessly on behalf of our stakeholders to lead the industry’s successful growth and promise of value-based care.” – Bill Nordmark, CEO, Enlace Health.

“I’m excited about the potential of this innovative solution to help facilitate the move toward value-based maternity care,” said Jeffrey Hogan, president of Upside Health Advisors and a nationally respected expert in value-based care. “OB providers need a unique set of capabilities and services to make value-based care a success. Payers need to help them by creating access to the right tools and expertise. The Wildflower and Enlace partnership presents an opportunity to collaborate with providers and to transform maternity care in a way that improves outcomes for patients and better aligns financial rewards for all stakeholders.”

Enlace Health

Enlace Health™ solves healthcare from the inside-out, fixing healthcare at its core and making value-based care a reality. The Connected World of Enlace empowers payers, providers, and patients to participate together in an economically sound environment. The Enlace solution is the only end-to-end infrastructure that bridges the gap between the current, chaotic system and an orderly healthcare world. Enlace always meets clients where they are, creating solutions based on need and maturity in value-based care. Enlace is Sustainable Healthcare, Delivered.

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Wildflower Health

Wildflower connects women and families to better care by breaking down silos among providers, payers and best-in-class partners. Our digital platform and virtual patient advocates engage the Chief Health Officer of the home (aka mom) by delivering personalized experiences that simplify the healthcare journey for families. Our model also fuels the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care by fully enabling providers and payers to successfully participate in value-based models. Empowering women. Collapsing silos. Rewarding value. This is a smarter way to care.

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