Enlace Health™ Continues to Grow with the Addition of D. Scott Foster, CFO, Michael Johnson, CRO, and Dessa Williams, SVP Operations

Columbus, Ohio, February 9, 2021 – Enlace Health™, formerly Aver Inc, the industry’s leading provider of comprehensive analytics, network services, and administrative capabilities, has added three new executives to its leadership team to support its growth and industry-leading solutions. D. Scott Foster, Michael Johnson, and Dessa Williams join Enlace Health, continuing the addition of extensive healthcare experience to the organization.

As Chief Financial Officer, Scott will drive financial oversight and provide critical insights into payer and provider networks and contracts. Scott brings over thirty years of healthcare experience working with leading insurance and healthcare organizations. Foster began his career at Ernst & Young and has served on the executive teams of Anthem, Centene, Piedmont-Wellstar, and WellCare. His extensive background in healthcare, from both payer and provider views, provides a true understanding of and clear perspective on solutions needed to make value-based healthcare a powerful and successful initiative in healthcare. Bill Nordmark, CEO of Enlace Health, said, “Working with Scott in the past, I knew the enormous level of knowledge and passion he has for making healthcare more efficient and effective. When the opportunity arose, I knew I wanted Scott on our executive team.” Foster added, “I’ve seen first-hand the need for a strong value-based solutions provider. I am excited about the opportunity to work with an organization like Enlace Health that’s bringing new, groundbreaking solutions to healthcare.”

Michael Johnson, Chief Revenue Officer, brings over twenty years of healthcare leadership experience and will lead expansion and revenue growth for Enlace Health. Michael has a history of delivering double and triple-digit growth throughout his career. Having served as the development engine at Cerner, TriZetto, Casenet, and Rx30, Michael has the deep understanding needed to successfully bring new healthcare products and services to market and to seize the exponential growth opportunities in value-based healthcare. Nordmark emphasized Johnson’s capacity to build company revenue: “Michael is the epitome of corporate revenue leadership. When you combine Michael’s talent to guide company growth with his deep knowledge of healthcare and technology, you know he’s an enormous force.” Michael emphasized his vision for Enlace Health growth in value-based healthcare services: “Working within different segments of healthcare, from EMR to claims processing, I have seen the enormous gaps that still exist in the delivery of healthcare. Enlace Health’s solutions are truly industry-changing, and I knew I wanted to be part of the company that is evolving so many aspects of healthcare.”

As the Senior Vice President of Operations, Dessa Williams brings over 28 years of expansive IT and payer operations experience. With a focus on the continuous improvement and optimization of healthcare business processes, Dessa spent over 20 years working for Centene Corporation, leading the way on client implementation, operations, and innovation. Whether Medicare, Medicaid, or ACA insurance programs, Dessa was the driving force of process, integration, and transformation. Her leadership was instrumental in the successful entry into and ongoing operations of ACA programs for Centene. Williams combines her operations and technology expertise with a passion for making technology much more than a tool, saying: “I view IT as an asset that should always bring added value to a business, and in healthcare that value and efficiency are needed every day.” Dessa took a sabbatical from her long career in healthcare, only to be pulled back by Enlace Health’s vision and products. Bill Nordmark said, “As a technology partner of Centene, I worked with Dessa and saw her deep expertise and strategy for healthcare IT. When we searched for our operations leader, we knew we wanted Dessa to lead our team.” Together with her staff of healthcare professionals, Dessa will drive all operations efforts from client implementation to the creation of repeatable processes, and ensure a true win for payers, providers, and members.

" Our mission at Enlace Health is to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient outcomes through platform technologies used by payers and providers to empower value-based care. The addition of these healthcare industry experts allows us to continue the journey to provide the industry’s best solutions for our customers. "
Bill Nordmark
President and CEO, Enlace Health

About Enlace Health:

Enlace Health™ solves healthcare from the inside-out, fixing healthcare at its core and making value-based care a reality. The Connected World of Enlace empowers payers, providers, and patients to participate together in an economically sound environment. The Enlace solution is the only end-to-end infrastructure that bridges the gap between the current, chaotic system and an orderly healthcare world. Enlace always meets clients where they are, creating solutions based on need and maturity in value-based care. Enlace is Sustainable Healthcare, Delivered.

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