CIOs Role in the Shift to Value-Based Care

Whether you’re a health plan, a provider, or a third-party convener, transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based care (VBC) can appear overwhelming, especially for health plan CIOs, who already face numerous challenges. These challenges include assessing data quality, integrating that data into the value-based care realm, extracting value/insights from that data, and ensuring data security. In order for CIOs to aid in this transition, they need to have a clear understanding of their role in the process. This article will explore the process of CIOs initiating value-based care and how Enlace Health can help expedite the integration and transition of value-based care into their existing workflow.

Integrating High-Quality Data

One key component of the CIOs role in establishing value-based care is integrating high-quality data into value-based care systems. This is a time and resource-intensive endeavor that requires a clean and comprehensive dataset. CIOs deal with a magnitude of data, from electronic medical records (EMR) and medical claims to patient satisfaction scores and more. However, the insights that are extracted are only as valid and as useful as the quality of the data source itself. At Enlace Health, we offer CIOs a system for assessing and processing data feeds from the beginning of our relationships with our partners. This includes a full Data Quality Assessment, ongoing data quality checks, and analytics deliverables. We ease the administrative burden shouldered by CIOs by leveraging efficient, proven operational data workflows.

Extracting Value from Data

In addition to providing high-quality data, CIOs are also tasked with extracting additional value and insights out of data to increase the effectiveness of value-based care programs. Moreover, they need to validate that the transition is a positive ROI for their company. This is where collaborating with Enlace Health can be especially fruitful. Our CIO partners can leverage our industry-leading insights, can extract actionable information from healthcare data, and can tap into network services expertise. Healthcare data is the key conduit between the payer and provider relationship. Data sharing between payers and providers is critical to value-based care success. Enlace Health’s near real-time monitoring of performance, financial reconciliations, and measurement of healthcare quality have empowered CIOs to improve the quality of healthcare, lower its costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

Ensuring Data Security

For many organizations in the healthcare industry, data is considered to be the most valuable asset. CIOs are responsible for this asset. Therefore, ensuring data security is one of the CIOs biggest responsibilities. It is paramount that they maintain the trust of patients and the public when dealing with sensitive and personal health information. Selecting the right partner that values data security is of the greatest importance. Enlace Health is HITRUST certified, and we place the utmost significance on data security. Together we provide the peace of mind for CIOs to know that the PHI under their control is secure.

Staying abreast of emerging technologies is another challenge that CIOs face, especially in today’s quickly changing healthcare environment. These technologies, including innovations in digital, telemedicine, and an increasingly remote workforce present additional obstacles for data management and security. Enlace Health can help meld the data and tech infrastructure management together by providing a process to ensure clean data is used to support analytic technologies. Our products are designed to reduce the administrative workload, thereby saving CIOs valuable time and resources. Having a trusted, proven partner who can help lift administrative burden makes all the difference in successfully transitioning to value-based care.

CIOs are challenged with helping their company succeed without expending too many resources or knowing where to begin in their transition journey to VBC. They need to be able to identify critical data and understand how that data will be best utilized. Enlace Health can equip them with the necessary resources to accomplish all of that. We provide the data and business tools, we bear the administrative burden, and we help CIOs identify further opportunities for optimization in the future. Success in the VBC realm requires a clear roadmap to navigate the complex and ongoing changes within it. Our message to CIOs: let us provide you with one.


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