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Data-Driven VBC Improves Patient Outcomes

By |2023-04-11T14:59:21-05:00March 28, 2023|Ask Enlace|

The healthcare system has been broken for far too long. But could there be a solution that benefits everyone involved? Value-Based Care has been proven to improve patient outcomes while making the jobs of physicians and payers easier. It's time to shift our focus from a broken system to a sustainable one.

Healthcare Industry Braces for Inflation: Should the Fee-For-Service System Survive?

By |2023-01-10T18:12:37-05:00January 10, 2023|Ask Enlace|

As inflation continues to skyrocket, the healthcare sector is feeling the strain with an alarming uptick in the cost of operation. Currently, at 3.2%, healthcare costs are far lower than their 8.3% market counterparts; however, this won’t last long, and premiums for consumers may soon follow suit as a result of our fee-for-service system being unable to weather these economic storms.

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